About the company

Authorized importer in Romania for products: insecticides, rodents, rodenticides, larvecides, rodent traps, disinfectants. A young company, in full development, our aim being to offer our clients the best quality services at reasonable prices.

The DDD Top AL Business products aim at combating pests with optimal effects and remnants over time: common pests of warehouses, halls, shops, commercial spaces, kindergartens, schools, bar restaurants, fastfoods etc. We offer complete disinfection and pest control services but also disinfection or pest control through our partnership.
Colkim, Italy

Colkim was founded in 1964 by Giorgio Albertazzi because he realized that the market needs a manufacturer of rodent and insect control products.

This idea was followed by many improvements over the years, such as the choice of marketing products and equipment, in order to meet the needs of this segment. Susanna and Carlo, Giorgio’s daughter and son, decided to follow in their father’s footsteps, bringing the company new energy and ideas, thus allowing Colkim to continue to grow and reach its current position as market leader. Many major foreign manufacturers have offered Colkim products as a distributor. The winning policy, though risky, was the choice to go against the current. Our main goal has always been to look for innovative products and to sell them through a team of experts. We have always chosen the “quality” market. All our team members strongly believe in the importance of technical skills and professionalism, and are against carelessness and improvisation.

If you choose Colkim, you know for sure that you can rely not only on a serious supplier, but also on a technical consultant, who is always ready to respond to requests and is always looking for new solutions.

Colkim Italy Mission: Founded in 1964, based in Bologna, the leading brand on the PCO market in Italy. Our mission is to strengthen our leading position on the Italian biocidal market and to develop our presence on the European market.

We are both manufacturer of pest control products and distributors in Italy of major foreign companies (such as PestWest, BASF, Degesch Detia, Sorex Ltd., Bells Labs, Dow AgroSciences, Pass).

We responded to our clients’ requests by designing new ideas with the help of their own graphic studio and marketing department. Our main goal is to search for innovative products, both a serious supplier and a technical consultant.

We work with professional technicians and university professors in search of innovative solutions and our laboratory is constantly looking for solutions and innovations in the idea of ​​improving our offer. We meet the expectations of our clients, respecting the quality, social and environmental aspects. In this regard, we received the UNI EN ISO 9001/2000 quality certification by DNV (Det Norske Veritas Italy). Innovation, professionalism, flexibility: these are the qualities of Colkim.