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FLYTRIN 6.14 is indicated for the treatment of internal and external environments, both civil and rural and industrial. It is used in urban areas, suburban areas, tourist villages, camping, housing (including cellars, garages and storage), shops, public and private buildings, schools, kindergartens, barracks, cinemas, theaters, canteens, hotels, restaurants, kitchens, bars , hospitals, nursing homes, nursing homes, warehouses for foodstuffs, stables, rural buildings, warehouses and rooms for the production of cigarettes and tobacco storage, medium and industrial areas (food, paper, textile, tobacco factory) , landfills, means of transport (ships, trains, buses). The use of FLYTRIN 6.14 is also recommended for the treatment of green areas, tree boulevards and public parks, shrubs and hedges, lawns, ornamental plants for mosquito control only.

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