Terms and conditions

This virtual store www.top-insecticid.ro contains any kind of information (texts, pictures, databases, products, prices, logos, advertisements), which is the content of the virtual store www.top-insecticid.ro, owned by DDD TOP AL BUSINESS SRL. Any takeover of the content (integral or partial) for purposes other than personal interest is sanctioned by the legislation regarding the intellectual property rights.

The information provided within this site is in Romanian, without excluding their presentation in other languages. The sale contract is concluded in Romanian.

The access and / or use of the site by you constitutes the ACCEPTANCE of these conditions and obliges you to respect them.

Any information regarding the contract between you and www.top-insecticid.ro will be stored for a limited time and will be available to third parties only at the request of the judicial bodies.

For any error that occurred in your transmission of the data necessary for processing the placed order, you have at the email address office@top-insecticid.ro

After processing the order by www.top-insecticid.ro, we do not assume the responsibility arising from the transmission by you of the incorrect data.

Regarding the relevant codes of conduct, according to art. 8 lit. e) of Law no. 365/2002 regarding electronic commerce, Law 363/2007 on combating incorrect practices, please consult the specific legislation posted on the ANPC website, the section “Normative acts”.

The provisions of this distance contract are supplemented by law 365/2002 on electronic commerce republished and amended and with GEO 34/2014 on consumer rights in the contracts concluded with professionals.

Definitions of this document:

www.top-insecticid.ro accepts the conclusion of the distance contracts by electronic means and thus obliges to repeat the legislation applicable to the conclusion, validity and legal effects of these contracts.

In the present document, the following terms used in capital letters will have, unless the context otherwise results, the meanings specified below:

USER: any person who visits and / or interacts with the website www.vreauhusa.ro

SELLER: DDD TOP AL BUSINESS SRL. based in D. I. Mendeleev Street 44, Sec 1, Et 1, Ap 1 Bucuresti, Bucuresti County hereafter referred to as www.top-insecticid.ro

BUYER: Any natural person or legal person who places an order in the online store www.top-insecticid.ro and who has accepted the terms and conditions of this contract at a distance.

VIRTUAL STORE: web pages belonging to DDD TOP AL BUSINESS SRL, located at www.top-insecticid.ro, through which the buyer has access to information on the products offered for sale by www.top-insecticid.ro

Web pages include information in the form of text, images, prices, software, databases, logos, promotions, offers, animations, films that make up the site vreauhusa.ro.

GOODS: products made available to the buyer for sale by the seller through the virtual store top-insecticid.ro

ONLINE ORDER: virtual communication between the seller and the buyer, through which the buyer intends to purchase goods from the seller, which the latter agrees to deliver, and the buyer agrees to pay. For the products that are not in the current stock of goods, the seller can order them at the supplier, following the customer’s request in the store, but the delivery time for such orders exceeds the normal delivery time of 24 h – 5 days;

CONFIRMED ORDER: the order made online through the virtual store www.top-insecticid.ro by a buyer whose identification data and details regarding his order have been validated by telephone following the contact between him and the customer service operator top- insecticid.ro.

NEW CUSTOMER: customer who intends to purchase products from the virtual store www.top-insecticid.ro for the first time and who requires a telephone validation of the identification data from him performed by the operator of the customer support service designated by top-insecticid.ro

Seller’s obligations:

The seller makes available to the buyer, free of charge, professional information about his products and services, to achieve the purpose mentioned in the online order.

The content published in the virtual shop top-insecticid.ro has an indicative character and presents information about the products marketed by it, as well as other data considered by top-insecticid.ro as being of interest to BUYERS.

www.top-insecticid.ro is the owner of all intellectual property rights over the virtual store, the design, the functionalities of the site, images and product specifications.

The characteristics of the products and their related technical documentation, presented on the site are made available by the manufacturers and suppliers, and top-insecticid.ro offers the necessary support for their display.

The seller undertakes constantly to present the most accurate and relevant information for the products offered for sale. If the prices or other information about the product were displayed incorrectly, we assign the right not to honor the order and to notify the customer about the error, if the delivery has not been made.

The images of the products are displayed in the virtual store with the title of presentation. The products actually ordered may differ in terms of characteristics (eg color shades) from the actual appearance of the product, depending on the batch in which they were manufactured.

At the request and with the consent of the consumer, vreauhusa.ro can recommend to the buyer the purchase of another product of a quality and at a price equivalent to those requested in the first order. The original order is considered canceled on the date of confirmation of the order of the product / products that replace the original product.

Billing and other accompanying documents of the parcel

The seller will issue based on the information held by him and those provided by the buyer an invoice for the delivered goods. At the same time, the package will be accompanied by the documentation provided by law for the ordered product (s), as the case may be: certificate / declaration of conformity, guarantee certificate, instructions for use, etc.

Acceptance of goods

When presenting the parcel by the courier company, please sign the receipt and pay its value. You can then unzip the package and check the product.

The buyer has the right not to accept the goods delivered if they do not comply with the details of the products specified in the order. In this case the Seller assumes responsibility for bringing the products to conformity.

Also, the consumer (natural person) has the right to return the products within 10 days from their purchase. Please access the general conditions of return.

Transfer of ownership

In case of payment by PO or card, the buyer will enter the property of the goods after the payment confirmation.

In the case of delivery of the goods by courier, with the payment of reimbursement, the buyer will enter the property of the goods and will have the right to open the parcel after signing the transport document and making the payment.

Intellectual property rights

The graphic signs, the names, the marks (such as, for example: the name of the site and the name) are the property of vreauhusa.ro and cannot be taken over and / or used without the prior written consent of the owner.

The user will not copy, distribute, retrieve, publish for commercial purposes any information contained in the virtual store top-insecticid.ro, without the prior written consent of the owner of the site.

Any unauthorized modification of the site is prohibited.

Major force

The force majeure, (unpredictable, uncontrollable and inevitable event that affects the performance of the contract), exonerates the party who invokes it.

Litigation. applicable law

The contractual relations between the parties are governed by the Romanian law. Any dispute that cannot be resolved amicably will be sent to the competent courts.